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André Scarafiz


Organizational Psychology goes far beyond the well-known Recruitment and Selection of Personnel, it starts from a sensitive and specific perspective of psychology to understand the company as a whole that culminates in a more complete and human Organizational Diagnosis, whether from a macro or micro.

The Development of High Performance Teams is a differentiator apart, recognizing the potential of each employee and adding it in a synergistic process to the team has been one of the smartest strategies adopted by companies today.

Knowledge of human behavior gives a competitive advantage to align company goals with those of employees. The 10 years of clinical practice by the psychologist André Henrique Scarafiz made this process very easy.

We understand that company and employees are fundamental parts of a unique process of success, when both benefit, the results can be surprising.

Some of our activities:

  • Organizational Diagnosis

  • Development of the Positions and Salaries Plan

  • Career Plan Development

  • PDI development

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Team Training

  • Development of Performance Teams

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