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Cleber Campos


Since 1999, operating in the market,  Cleber Campos, business administrator by training, consultancy, specialist in processes and digital marketing, has accumulated over these years several projects in his portfolio and thus created and developed a new methodology for serving his clients,  helping them  to develop their cores  internal, thus creating knowledge and relationships for your own business.

These cores are formed by an exclusive or shared employee from another sector, or even complete teams to create awareness for the execution of activities  from the most basic to the most complex.

The other operations that demand a high degree of knowledge or involvement from its internal employees, these are indeed absorbed, where in strategic cases, they will deliver better competitive results to the customer.

Reports are also the key point of the work, and together with the client, they analyze the data provided in real time.  through Power BI panels, which encompass the most diverse needs of the business.​

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