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Heloísa Villela


Carlos Martins

Marketing is currently undergoing the greatest revolution of all time. Artificial intelligence is already being widely used for chat services, campaign automation and even sales of products and services.

Today, better than knowing what you can do in terms of marketing for your business, and knowing if you are doing what your audience wants, needs and above all, buys! For this, we help from individual entrepreneurs to large companies to find the choices of their customers, only to create effective campaigns later.

We work on all fronts that your company needs and your business requires.

Some of our activities:

  • Creating custom campaigns

  • Creation and Monitoring of KPI`s

  • Websites and Ecommerces

  • Analytics

    • Ads

      • Social Media

      • search

      • Conversion Funnel (Online and Offline)

      • Navigation Funnel

      • CPA`s

  • OmniChannel​​


Carlos Martins

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