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Fábio Gatti


Fábio Gatti


In the information age, the mass of data from platforms, systems and applications is increasingly available for access by the most diverse tools. Organizing data coherently is the key to having the right and accurate information whenever you need it.

We collect, organize, process and filter data in such a way and make them an indispensable and precise tool for your business.

The creation of customized panels for your company, ranging from simple administrative and financial panels, to the point of crossing the volume of investment in media made on social networks, on Google, and on your sales team, crossing with the amount of products sold, the margin of each one of them, the ABC curve to which these products are part, and their participation in the goals established by the company for the sector or team.

These data crossings are possible because the data reading can be done in different ways and platforms, being able to cross any and all system and its database, with even that good old Excel spreadsheet, all together and at the same time.

Some of our activities:

  • Data analysis

  • Development of custom dashboards

  • Dynamic and automated data collection

  • data processing

  • Crossing data and statistics

  • predictive analytics

  • Projections

  • cost center

  • Diverse Demographics

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