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The hashtag is used all over the world, a very common expression among social media users. It is responsible for categorizing content published on the internet, that is, it is capable of creating a very dynamic interaction of content with other members of the social network, who are or are interested in the same subject posted.

This expression consists of a keyword preceded by the symbol #, which is well known as “jogo da tic-tac-toe” in Brazil. However, when it comes to people who use social media as a business, there are some limitations and strategies to use hashtags in the ideal and appropriate way, since they are beneficial for any segment, but when used incorrectly, they can have the opposite effect. .


The generic and very popular hashtags that many people use do not have the capacity to give efficient results and that you so much seek to achieve on your social networks. That's because, if you really want to attract a qualified audience, who will engage with your profile and have the potential to be converted into an end customer, you should choose them very carefully, based on a lot of research.

So, the tip is that the more segmented the hashtag, the more qualified the audience you will attract. Do a lot of research and take into account your niche and your editorial line to be able to find the best hashtags for your posts, and try to pay attention to the number of publications that use them.


We already know that hashtags are extremely important in the social media marketing strategy. Since it is through them that new people can have contact with your content, increasing your visibility and generating new business opportunities.

However, just cluttering your caption with hashtags is not going to make your post perform better. In fact, there is no clear correlation between the number of hashtags and engagement, so putting 5 or 30 – the maximum allowed by Instagram, for example – doesn’t make much of a difference.

You may be wondering what the ideal amount is, but the recommended thing is to always use between 5 or 7 hashtags in each post, and preferably that are part of your niche, rather than the generic and popular ones.


If your desire is to attract new followers and increase the visibility of your content, you need to know how to use hashtags in favor of all this. There is no magic formula, but there are good strategies that are capable of bringing efficient results.

  1. Choose your niche hashtags! Avoid using generic hashtags just for the potential of likes it can offer, as you will attract an unqualified audience, which does not have a real interest in your content; Focus on your segment.

  • Choose hashtags that relate to what you're talking about! If you're selling a vegan product in your post, choose hashtags related to that topic, so you'll reach new people who are searching for your content, and can be converted.

  • Create one specific to your brand! That way you centralize all posts that use your #, as well as encourage your customers and followers to use them when promoting something related to your product/service.

  • Focus on location! If you sell your products in just one location, or have a physical space for service, segment your audience even more with location hashtags.

Don't go wrong using hashtags now! Use them strategically and the greatest results will be obtained.


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