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Social Media: What does it do and how to make money from it?

The internet is part of our lives, with each passing day we become more connected and the trend is for these connections to intensify and become increasingly integrated into practically all existing professional areas. Due to this growth, new professions have emerged aimed at creating strategies to better invest in the relationship and communication of these companies with their audience, as is the case of Social Media.


When a professional is responsible for the actions of a company's social networks, that is, the planning, creation and analysis of networks, it is called Social Media, but some people prefer the term Social Network Analyst. It is important to understand that this professional is directly responsible for establishing an alignment for a customer during this journey of purchase and recognition of a company's values.


Many people still have the limited thought that the unique function of a social media is the production of content for social networks, leaving aside all other projects developed with a lot of effort by the professional, in order to develop your company. For this reason, we have separated its main functions:

1. Planning

Before taking any initiative in the production of content, or even elaborating forms of social interaction, it is necessary to store a series of relevant information that can be essential during the school of the perfect processes for the type of company that owns, but who will do all this research and present to your collaborators? Social Media, of course!

In addition to researching these factors, it will also present data about your competitors, numbers that can be achieved by following a certain path, in short, it will show very well-prepared data for your company to make the best decisions before making any thoughtless decisions.

2. Content Production

If you think that producing content for social networks consists of just presenting what comes on the tile, it is a sign that you urgently need a Social Media. When this professional is present during the production of content, the simplest creation will have some construction behind it, what does that mean?

Simple, well-crafted content tends to connect with other creations in the most subtle way you can imagine, whether in the text, in the image, even in the choice of fonts, everything will be thought out based on the information collected previously, in order to please your customers. consumers down to the smallest details.

3. Interaction

The main purpose of social networks, since its beginnings, is to establish a connection between people, right? So, nothing fairer than establishing proper communication with your users, don't you think? This is the thinking of a Social Media, a customer, many times, does not rely only on the purchase process itself, he takes into account the entire experience that precedes this act, that is, if he has questions about a particular product, he hopes he has someone responsible for taking them out.

With the advent of social networks, people expect more than ever to have good service and transparency from the company with the products offered. If you don't invest in effective communication, the results will show up in the worst possible way.

4. Analysis

It's no use establishing a strategy, putting them into practice and forgetting to monitor them after they've been released. It is from the analysis of posts, engagement, that a Social Media identifies that that strategy has had positive or negative results.

When defining a goal, metrics are your companions to track results, generating consistent reports that will really make a difference when designing future projects.


When we talk about the advantages of becoming a Social Media professional, we cannot deny that: in the face of so many areas that are suffering from a lack of job opportunities, Social Media is increasingly in evidence, its rise cannot be ignored. So, the first advantage is the opportunities in the market.

Doubts about the degree to be a Social Media may arise, as much as you find on the networks that there are no specific degrees to become this professional, it is with the social communication that you will obtain the necessary knowledge to learn to apply these strategies. So, invest your time in knowledge about communication, about marketing and its related areas.


As it is a rather recent profession, doubts may arise about where to work, how much can be gained by being a Social Media and how to stabilize in the market.

Rest assured, social networks have become one of the most used tools by companies and fortunately, they are always looking for professionals who can add to their communication. Being aware of this information, the main areas that a Social Media can act are:

1. Social media management

When a professional develops strategies with the objective of reaching a greater number of possible customers, that is, he can be responsible for the creation and dissemination of products through social networks.

2. Own disclosure

There is the possibility of developing knowledge about social networks for your own benefit, that is, you are responsible for the planning, production and dissemination of your own company, without having to depend on the word of another person to put into practice what you have planned. .

3. Freelancer

A freelancer has the possibility to self-employ in different companies, be part of the most different projects, but independently. The great advantage of becoming a freelancer is your freedom of choice about the projects and companies you decide to link your work to. You can even engage in various categories, whether in planning, content creation or even design.

With all this baggage of responsibility that a Social Media carries, we can understand that this profession is not as simple as we imagine, but we recognize its importance. If you are interested in being part of this planning for social media, here are some golden tips: go after knowledge, learn to be organized and above all, don't give up!

Knowing that it is now more than possible to establish a career on social media, what are you waiting for to take the first step?


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