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Have you ever heard of the term Product Placement? What is it for? No?! Well, know that you may be missing a great opportunity to apply new strategies for your brand, in order to retain customers because of its high efficiency!

What is Product Placement?

The term Product Placement means "Product Placement", it is a marketing strategy that comes to replace, change the forms of traditional advertising. What does that mean? With Product Placement, a product or service is announced in a subtle way, without looking like an advertisement, it passes the messages naturally, without seeming forced and there is always a context to be inserted, generating positive visibility, taking away that sameness from advertising content. where the disclosure is clear, without any informative content.

To get a better idea of ​​this strategy, nowadays it has become quite common in film productions for the characters to consume a product from a specific brand, but without even talking about it, just consuming the product and which in many cases, generates doubt. from viewers, questions such as “Was he consuming a product from the brand xxxx?”, “Did you notice that product xxx appeared?”. When people realize that, in fact, that brand was part of that production, they will subtly receive positive feedback, for not having been forcedly presented during the scenes.

Product Placement x Merchandising

As it is not a well-known term by the public, Product Placement can be confused with Merchandising, but in advance, these two strategies are quite different from each other! We list the main characteristics of each one of them, to facilitate the understanding of the terms:

  • Product Placement – Subtle exposure, spontaneous disclosure and is not sold directly, making viewers not see it as an advertisement.

  • Merchandising – Clear and direct exposure, it has a certain appeal in convincing viewers/readers to consume the product, it can be considered “forced”. A great example of Merchandising is the advertisements during the programs of Domingão do Faustão, Mais Você and among others.

Change of scenery: traditional advertising is no longer tolerated.

When we started to understand more about this strategy, we started to ask ourselves, why are traditional advertising being left out? Why is there less tolerance when people are faced with direct advertising? One of the main factors is the feeling of being forced to perform some action. Traditional advertisements have this rather invasive characteristic, of telling that individual that he should buy the product, that that service can change his life, as many say, "forcing the bar".

For this reason, people have become somewhat intolerant when faced with this type of approach, creating the need to find alternatives to overcome the lack of interest of the spectators. In social networks, for example, it has become quite common for companies to produce content related to the services provided, but without showing that, in fact, they are “pushing” that product to a customer, making them interested and feel comfortable on their own. to consume them.

A great example of intolerance to advertisements are the advertisements generated by Youtube, which hardly anyone does not press the “skip ad” on the page. The media became desperate to find an alternative that would hold the attention of consumers, without putting together boring content.

Importance of Product Placement

With a new approach, Product Placement generates many benefits for us, because from it, we generate a much greater receptivity than expected of the messages. Because it is inserted in a context, it is much easier to produce this type of content, as the attention is not necessarily focused on the product, but on the whole situation that it was placed in and by “coincidence”, it was part of. In order to build a powerful brand, it is necessary to be aware of everything, trends, situations that disadvantage your brand and what to do to change this scenario so that all the time you invested in the growth of a venture is not in vain. .

How to apply Product Placement?

Seeing that this marketing strategy has become a favorite these days, you might be wondering how to apply Product Placement in your business. The rule is clear, you must invest in good marketing planning to find a situation, a story in which your product or service is applied, but which contains some special message to keep your audience attentive, because no one will pay attention to something that does not match your preferences.

The big difference is to create this type of content during the launch of new products, or a brand repositioning, a manifestation about some social cause that is part of the company's history, so you can reach a significant number of people.

Be aware that it is possible to insert this type of message in videos, images, texts for social networks, blogs and among others. Don't limit yourself to just one!


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