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Paid Traffic - The Easy Way

Investing in paid traffic

For any business that is investing in the digital world, paid ads are essential, because most of the time, they are responsible for attracting customers in certain communication channels and especially in social networks. And if you still don't know what we're talking about: welcome to the universe of paid traffic, he's responsible for the ads you see on the internet out there, whether on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. And today we are going to talk a little more about this Digital Marketing strategy that has become so essential.

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What is paid traffic?

Paid traffic is nothing more than the paid advertisements you place on the internet, which consequently attract visitors, either to your networks or to your website. Do you know when you go to Youtube and there is an ad at the top of the platform? Or when you're browsing Instagram and you come across an advertising post? They are all part of Paid Traffic strategies, and unlike organic traffic in which you don't invest money, here you need to pay an amount for your ads to be hosted on the platforms for a certain time, according to the goals you have want to achieve.

And as you've seen, they can be placed on several platforms and there are the main ones, which are:

– Google Ads: one of the most used, ads on Google are the main ones, as most users use the platform to search for anything. And here, there is also the keyword game, that with just one word the user can find you in the search engine;

– Instagram Ads: one of the most used social networks in recent times, mainly by those who want to expand and promote their visual identity and conquer the youngest crowd, Instagram Ads offers several options in stories, IGTV, publications and even in the part of “sales” of the platform;

– Facebook Ads: when it comes to e-commerce, Facebook remains the darling, as it allows for a much more specific targeting, and also offers several options and paid ads;

– Youtube Ads: one of the main video platforms, Youtube also offers several types of ads, these being inserted in the videos themselves, those commercial seconds, and also in banners through the platform;

– Linkedin Ads: Linkedin has another "vibe", being more focused on the business world, but it is still perfect for ads, since there you find a much more targeted audience and can create specific strategies that show the values ​​and concepts of your brand the way you want people to see your business.

Benefits of Paid Traffic

It is essential to use paid traffic these days, if you are starting in the Digital Marketing world or if you are already established in the market. That's because this strategy has many benefits that can be perfect for your business growth, such as:

  • The number of visitors to the page becomes much higher;

  • Your segmentation becomes much more specific, which makes it easier when creating good Marketing strategies;

  • You gain more visibility in the market;

  • You can follow the results in real time;

  • The conversion rate is higher;

  • Your brand gains more credibility and authority;

  • Prospecting for customers is bigger and easier;

  • You can invest with any amount, it all depends on your objective.

As you noted, there are several benefits, and as we mentioned in the last topic: yes, you can invest any amount, from the lowest to the highest, it all depends on the table of values of the platform you choose, and this is one of the advantages that few people know, that the investment is low in the beginning of using the strategy.

And this value estimate is obtained through what your objective is, for example: how many people you want to reach, how many days your campaign will be on the air, how many ads you want to place and among other factors.

And now, the grand finale of this very complete post: of course, for you to apply and get the results you want, you need to do everything correctly, right? So, check this out: check out these tips now on how to apply this strategy in your business and have the best performance you can! Come on:

  • Know all the needs and profiles of your persona;

  • Understand where your audience is, it's no use placing ads on a network where your objective is not present;

  • Always keep an eye on all the performance indices of the social network that you applied the strategy to;

  • Use Call To Action in your arts and campaigns;

  • Always be truthful in your ads.

Did you like the content? Now, don't leave out the ads that can revolutionize your business!


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