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How to use the latest LinkedIn updates to get more leads

LinkedIN is as much a personal brand building platform as Instagram and Twitter; This tool works as a "showcase" and a possible stepping stone for any individual's professional growth. Therefore, everything published generates an image that is on the other side of the screen observing, whether positive or negative. As the pandemic was also 9 by the installed virus, the platform grew 74 abruptly, showing more than each, from three people registration of five million members, with more than three million people if each one to second levels of registration of people engaged by five. consecutive quarters, highlighting great professional opportunities for those looking for growth. Therefore, the platform ended up adding new updates to the lead capture process that can help. And there are three new activities related to these new tools that are meant to grow your work within LinkedIN. Check out what they are below:

LinkedIN Service Pages

LinkedIN had a recent update where it added lists of services in profiles, especially for those who work as a freelance platform, which makes it even more valuable for those who are looking for what they need within the search to expand their work.

In this way, the update consists of more specific formats of services that you, as a professional, can offer. That is, your profile can serve as a showcase for yours, being able to reach potential customers, and the best deal – for free. This services page contains:

  • Connect you with LinkedIN members looking for your services.

  • It allows potential customers to connect with you for free, even if you haven't "logged in" on the platform.

  • Allows you to receive business proposals from LinkedIN members who are outside your network.

  • Helps you to be found through service searches on LinkedIN.

Tips for you to maximize your services page for free:

  • Choose from 10 types of services provided;

  • Complete the “About Me” tab that lets potential customers know more about what you have to offer (you can write up to 500 characters);

  • Add your work location – You can choose your current location as well as the option “I am open to work remotely”;

  • As soon as you update your service page, share this as a post to let your future networks know you're open for business, or share it as a message..

LinkedIn – service page recommendations

LinkedIN has added a new “Recommendations” tab to the Service Pages option, which allows you to showcase positive customer recommendations, a way to help promote your business and get new people interested. You even have the possibility to invite your previous customers to recommend your services.

Tips for maximizing your LinkedIN recommendations with the services page:

  • You have the ability to invite up to 20 customers to recommend your services;

  • You can cancel a referral invite and get the credit back, which allows you to invite another customer;

  • Check the service recommendations page to manage your recommendation invites. You can also send them a message to remind them about the recommendation request, or even withdraw one.

LinkedIN – Videoconferencing

LinkedIN recently added a new option to start a conversation with someone, via video call. This new update lets you start a chat right from your platform message threads.

You can take advantage of this new feature to hold face-to-face video conferences with potential customers, which helps build a connection and of course, conveys more credibility and trust to both of you.

Tips for maximizing your video conferences on LinkedIN:

  • Currently, this video calling feature allows you to only meet one person at a time. There is a possibility that in the future the platform will allow the option of group video calls.

  • Send an instant invite link or schedule the meeting for a date.

In case you want to have group meetings, you can choose other video conferencing platforms that support LinkedIN like Zoom.


Now it's even easier to expand your business and achieve greater professional growth, conquering your space and acquiring new potential customers with just a few adjustments to your profile on the LinkedIN platform.

So, if you are looking to maximize opportunities, it is very worthwhile to test these tools and take advantage of the latest platform updates to show your skills even more.


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