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How to choose words for Google Ads campaigns.

When we talk about ad campaigns using the Google Ads platform, we have to link all our strategies through the words, or terms, as commonly communicated by the platform.

The words, in short, generate the targeting of the shots of advertisements created to be seen by people who are, on the other side of the computer, exactly in the act of searching for information about content, products and services.

These 3 pillars ALWAYS (I repeat: ALWAYS), are the formats sought by each and every user. Content, Products and Services.

That's why it's always important to be aware of the strategies to be worked on in the ads, as they will always constantly report and present the directions that you defined as the ones that should be shown.

Another point of great value is the choice of word formats chosen for your campaigns, and of course, they must follow the flow of the defined strategies.

There are some differentiations of term formats within the Google platform through the use of signs such as: "quotation marks", symbol (+), symbol of square brackets ( [ ] ), among other possibilities, and each specific use of these signs obtains different results in the ad performance.

Note: You can access all information about signals under Google Ads ads by clicking here.

And finally, we must pay attention to the term worked in a specific way in always exploring the best results of each investment made in advertising.

For this, we work with different variations of terms, known as Long Tail à Short Tail, or translated into Portuguese, Long Tail à Short Tail.

These names represent the level of breadth or specificity of each term used, the broader and more encompassing the term, the shorter its “tail”, while the more specific the term worked, the longer the “ tail".


• Short Tail / Short Tail / Broad Term: Running Tennis

• Long Tail / Long Tail / Specific Term: Adidas Running Ultra Boost Sneakers Pronada Tam 37.

Note that by increasing the tail of the term worked, I am narrowing down the search options and possibilities, generating a more accurate search and with the least possible deviations. Usually this work is carried out for deeper levels of conversion funnels, where, for behavioral reasons, the customer already knows clearly and exactly what Product (or Service, or Content) he wants, greatly increasing the possibility of conversion, and because of that , proportionally, more should be invested for this capitation at this stage.

The opposite is also valid for analysis, since this step always takes place before in the conversion funnels.

As we make the term shorter and, consequently, broader, it turns out that we do not have all the information necessary to present specific products or services, so we must guide the customer to a Navigation inside that pre-selected universe, by the customer himself .

This navigation must happen naturally through the entire strategic development of your website, leading the customer to the products or services that he is looking for, but above all, that you offer.

And it is at these points, and at all others as you might have noticed, that Onegate takes action to help each and every stage that you, entrepreneur or entrepreneur, may be.

From the creation of an embryonic strategy for a new business, to the necessary adjustments to better leverage your existing businesses.

Count on us.


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