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How is the differece between marketing agency and marketing consultancy?

Certainly, at some point, companies are looking to improve their performance, whether they are large, medium or small. With that in mind, they look for specialists so they can help with marketing actions, and even to execute some of them. In this case, it is very important that you look for the option that is best for your business, as we all know that there are thousands of companies trying to "offer your product", that is, trying to sell something that does not make sense to the customer.

For this reason, we are going to point out the main differences between the Agency and the Assessoria so that you can identify and assess which path to follow.

Agencies: It is the most popular and traditional model. Its main revenue comes from media agency. In Brazil, there is even a law that obliges advertisers to buy media only through the mediation of an agency, and that is exactly where the "famous" Agency BV (bonus system) comes from. Note that there is a conflict of interest inherent in the very concept of agency. Think that the business model, as the name implies, is agency, that is, the result that advertising will generate is not the company's core activity. The real business is to arrange the greatest possible volume of media, and with that the result of the investment is compromised. An attempt to keep the agency business alive are the so-called "digital agencies", which are nothing more than the same model, but instead of managing media in vehicles that pay direct commissions, they broker tools and other services that are not necessarily the best for the customer, making it clear that they don't create, they just execute.

Advice: The Advice simply tries to take this interest out of conflict, not being commissioned by the vehicle, but with a lower and more realistic monthly fee, and with bonuses linked to the results obtained. At this point, we can see that the Assessoria focuses on wanting to provide results for the client, as their remuneration is based on this, and not on agency. That's the game-changing relationship. Did you understand?

It is worth mentioning the addition: the execution. The consultancy has professionals with the necessary knowledge to make assertive decisions that generate value for the client. Their decisions are based not only on a briefing, but on an analysis and strategic follow-up of the client. In fact, there are routine tasks that the client tends to perform better than the marketing company, such as content production for example, after all, who would be better than the owner(s) to know about their own business?

But there are also other areas that are a little more specific, in which the client does not have the knowledge to act (or if he did, he would spend a lot of time and money to do it) and so, in these cases, the consultancy can also act as an executor.

It works as if it were an outsourced marketing department, delivering its know-how to assist in decision making and, at the same time, execute part of the defined strategic operational.

After this explanation, it is clear that we at Onegate believe in the Marketing Advisory model, and in addition, we can professionalize your business and make it even more profitable.

Get in touch with us to tell us a little more about your business, and we will certainly be able to provide you with excellent guidance.

We are awaiting you!


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