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How can communication help in your daily interpersonal relationships?

How can Communication help in your daily interpersonal relationships?

Have you ever thought about it?

“Communication is power! Those who master its effective use can change their experience of the world and the experiences of the world about themselves”... As Tony Robbins said in his book “Power without limits”.

We all know that there are many ways to communicate, being the most known and used nowadays: verbal communication (speech) and non-verbal communication with our expressions and behaviors.

We often do not realize that the way we put our words must be in tune and in line with our facial and body expression and with our behaviors, this in all spheres of human interpersonal relationships.

After all, we've all heard something like: "a child does not learn what they are taught, but what he sees the adults around him do", that is, the learning system most often happens through mimicry (copy) and by experimenting with what we observe and feel, and not just for guidance/instruction.

The same happens with adults, who, with their daily activities and the high number of roles they need to play in their relationships, end up not observing the connections between their speech and their expressions/behavior, causing a huge “noise” in communication .

That is, when there is INCOHERENCE of expressions between the verbal and the non-verbal, there is a failure in this communication process, where speech allows for a different interpretation/understanding of the initial idea, since the expression fronts are disconnected.

Stop to reflect, how is your communication going? How is your consistency? Do I really express what I feel?

Knowing and being able to express oneself can be a great “weapon” for us to win in the near future, at a time when face-to-face contact is mitigated and rethought, and online/virtual becomes increasingly present in our reality.

The first move to be assertive with our communication is the process of self-knowledge. Knowing who we are, what we want, where we want to go, what we already have and what we lack, potentials and difficulties, among others, all help us to keep our coherence functioning (from the internal to the external), and the from there, our communication becomes more direct and transparent. And so we will leave the guidelines/instructions and go for mimicry, that is, we become people who can “teach” by example, both in personal and professional relationships (interpersonal relationships).

Knowing ourselves better, we take the first step, so that we can have power over our Communication.

Count on us at to improve your communication process.

Camila Scarafiz

Talent Identification Manager.


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