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Difference between website and landing page: what is best for your company?

The truth is that there is no cake recipe, website and landing page are different tools and are not capable of replacing each other's function, they are complementary and meet different demands.

So, if you want satisfactory results for different digital marketing indicators, consider creating a website, or even landing page, according to your strategy.

Let's go to the differences between them:

Wireframe de Layout de LP

Landing page is totally focused on taking the user who accessed the page to a conversion action, which can be the registration of an email to receive an e-book, a purchase button or a discount coupon. On the landing page, there is no navigation, external links or menus full of options.

Wireframe de Layout de Site e suas Páginas

Website is a complete platform, with diverse information about your company and clickable pages that inform about: products, services, blog and more. The website's objective is to present your company as if the website were your home address and, generally, the website has an institutional focus and it is essential to rank your company's pages on Google.

It is important that you consider a responsive site, after all, most of the accesses to the sites nowadays are made from mobile devices. For the same reason, Google currently prioritizes ranking, responsive sites.

Now that you know the difference between website and landing page, share or contact us to benefit even more from our business for your company.


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