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Content Marketing and Copywriting: Do You Know the Differences?

The power to convince your audience through publications of written content is a feature that every brand would like to have, isn't it? Writing skills are not born overnight, but with a lot of understanding and practice, amazing results can be achieved.

When we talk about marketing, writing is mentioned a lot in Content Marketing and Copywriting strategies. Do you know the meaning of each of them? Or do you think it's the same thing?

What is Content Marketing?

One of the most popular marketing strategies, content marketing is all about creating and distributing relevant content to promote your brand. That is, through articles, posts on social networks, or even e-books, it is possible to create very interesting publications that catch the attention of your potential consumers.

This incredible idea of educating your readers and, at the same time, helping the buying process in a natural way, has turned content marketing into one of the biggest strategies in the digital realm. It is very common to come across publications on the networks that, in a way,

inform and keep us interested in that brand and its services, attraction is guaranteed!

What is Copywriting?

When it comes to copywriting, persuasive writing is the main key to speaking. This strategy conceives buyers to take an action, developing their focus on sales. Texts that sell.

Opinion of seeming simple” the presentation of the contents “simple of writing”, a piece of writing can turn your customers away from the purchase action. A text without a precise conception can make the feeling of being discounted for it, which usually results in disapproval.

It is very common with copying strategies on television and radio, when presenters try to come across that product or service in a relaxed way, but without completely hiding their intentions.

What is the relationship between them? And the differences?

It is at this point that the doubt arises in most people, if both content marketing and copywriting have writing as a persuasion tool, what are their differences? If, after reading the explanation of each of these terms, you maintain this line of thought, we will clearly point out the relationship between these terms and their main differences:

· In the purchase journey, content marketing is concerned with offering relevant content with the aim of attracting new customers, not necessarily instigating them to purchase at that moment. Different from copywriting, which analyzes all the needs of the audience and promotes the purchase action.

· There is a difference in where these strategies are normally used. You will hardly find a persuasive approach in blog posts, e-books, for example. Because these are the platforms where content marketing is usually inserted.

· In copywriting, you will find the implementation of this method in commercials, direct mail, landing pages, since they are places where what matters is the purchase action, is the instantaneity.

Importance of Copywriting in Content Marketing

Despite their differences, inserting copywriting techniques into your blog content, articles, can be a good idea, do you know why? One of the recommendations of a good content creation for the networks, for example, is to have that “pinch” of persuasion in your words, even if imperceptible, because they are the ones that will keep the interest of your readers.

You may have created one of the most complete content possible and that would certainly add someone's knowledge, but without putting elements that catch the attention of your readers, all this effort may have been in vain, you know? For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention at least to:

– Choice of title. A weak headline can make your customer not even click through for more information, so it needs to be compelling.

– When presenting content related to a service, demonstrate advantages, differentials, proposals, something that catches the reader's attention;

– If possible, provide data. Evaluations, analysis, convey credibility and confidence in what is being said;

– Action calls are always welcome. Don't know what it means? They are the famous “Sign up”, “Try it free”, “Learn more”, etc.

Don't see persuasive writing as something negative, when thought strategically, it can make a difference to get more engagement on your brand.

Final considerations

Throughout the text, it became increasingly clear that there is a huge difference between the terms of content marketing and copywriting, but that, despite their differences, they can be great when elaborated together, creating alternative and very attractive content for your customers. customers. Understanding the importance of each of them and how to apply them is essential for your company to be able to create effective strategies and be able to choose the method that will make a difference.

In fact, all this knowledge will help you to find the limits that every content marketing and copywriting text must have, in order to always respect the emotions and interest of your consumers in the first place.


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