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CO-MARKETING: The power of partnership

Innovating is always an excellent alternative, especially when the subject is professional. Marketing brings with it numerous solutions seeking the development of your company, given that, what do you know about Co-marketing?

Basically, according to the meaning of the expression, it is a kind of marketing sharing. In other words and in a nutshell, it is defined by the union between two organizations that seek the same objective and have the same audience. In short, these organizations align their visions and goals so that they can create, together, an impactful partnership that they could not have if they did it alone. Following this line of reasoning, the focus of co-marketing is to increase the companies' sales, making them act together and with contingent proposals, invalidating the idea of being direct competitors.

In an illustrative way, we are going to show companies that offered different products, but that obtained interesting results with co-marketing.


A good example was the campaign carried out by Vanish with Riachuelo. What do they have in common? They are different segments, but together, they are capable of attracting new customers. With that in mind, in partnership, they presented the campaign “Vanish banking your look”, basically, the intention was that the consumer who bought the Vanish product, got credits and could exchange them for discounts on Riachuelo products. Thus, in addition to recovering their axed clothes, the client could also renew their wardrobe. That's co-marketing!

Another clear example of co-marketing was Mc Donalds, a company focused on the food industry, very famous for its diverse menu, partnered with M&M's, adding the manufacturer's chocolates to their ice cream.

Due to its great power of reach, its competitors do not necessarily need to be considered adversaries. If the impact that, together, they are able to provide to the public and to the business is positive, the joint action becomes valid and attractive. A positive aspect related to the benefits brought by this marketing strategy is recognition by the public, after all, the fastest way to be recognized is to be in the company of relevant companies in your segmentation. Therefore, the strengthening of brands is simultaneous!


If you think that the costs of carrying out this partnership are high, let's change that concept now! Contrary to what many may think, co-marketing is one of the best alternatives to reduce expenses, since the content created is divided between organizations, allowing the internal workforce to be responsible for certain parts of the campaign. Point for co-marketing! In addition, another advantage of opting for co-marketing is to share the work with the partner company, separating the functions so that it is a fair, well-balanced and positive work for both.


Now that you know the concept and the biggest benefits of this strategy, you must be asking yourself: where should I start putting it into practice? It is important to emphasize that the results can only be visualized when the process is done consciously and assertively.

When we think about building a partnership, the first question should be: with whom? This question must be answered based on your interests as a company, as well as aligning them with organizations that have the same objective. For this, some points must be considered, namely:

  • The purpose of co-marketing is to attract new people through collaboration, so your ideal partner needs to have a significant audience;

  • What is the level of knowledge of this company about the market? How do they work? Is your content approved by your target audience?

  • Consider a product or service that is additional to yours. Even if it is not the same segmentation, they need to be interconnected in some way. Therefore, a direct competitor may not be the best alternative

These points serve to direct your search for the ideal collaborator in the face of this strategy, but they do not need to be followed to the letter. Not all companies meet the established requirements, however, the more the better!

It's not fair for your partner to do everything alone, so when planning your campaign, contact the chosen company and present your proposal. It is also important to emphasize that everything must be thought out in advance to ensure that the execution is effective. Another important point about co-marketing is that its purpose should be to provide a relationship in which both organizations gain from the partnership. This means that disclosure must be reciprocal, maintaining professionalism and seeking good results for both parties.

Conclusively, it is a very old tactic, however, widely used and effective when it comes to promoting and developing services.


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