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6 Pillars of a Successful Black Friday

We know that for many entrepreneurs Black Friday starts 90 days early, but what if it's suddenly your first Black Friday? Do you know when to start? And after all, what is the customer looking for? Price, cashback, free shipping, gifts or news?

Come with us, let's talk about mental triggers and the 6 pillars of success.

Within these mental consumption triggers, it's important that you work with anticipation. This long-awaited moment of the year you need to bring a sense of urgency and scarcity, and that's why some companies even start Black Friday up to 90 days earlier, because that's how they generate this feeling in the customer, for example: "I wonder if if I wait until then will I have this product? Will it be sold out?" and so on...

Now that we've done a short introduction about the triggers that arouse emotions and desires in your audience, let's go to the 6 pillars of a Successful Black Friday:

  • Planning

As we said before, it takes anticipation for your Black Friday to be a success, it's no use releasing the virtual store a week before and thinking it will come out selling horrors. It is extremely important to know about your products, what are the special conditions (that's where the trigger comes 😉) and be well-converted with your suppliers, because it's no use arriving on time and not having the product the customer wants.

Think about the technology you are using both in your e-commerce and in your back office, and if the integrations are ok. Pass security and have a good service to clarify doubts.

This should all be part of your planning.

  • Marketing

Your company's marketing must go beyond the 30-day pre-event preparation.

It starts with building your brand on a day-to-day basis, so engage in two types of marketing:

Built and consolidated throughout the year: SEO and customer relationship;

Date specific: Sponsored links, social media outreach. e-mail marketing.

Use marketing conscientiously. This is where you can make your customer unique and special.

  • Technology

It is very likely that your store will receive a greater volume of traffic and this increase should be managed with care and attention. For your investments to be worthwhile and bring extraordinary results, your base must be well founded, such as: an e-commerce platform with robustness and technical support, and automated processes, such as integrations.

  • Safety

In addition to the conventional reasons why your store's security is extremely important, it will also help to rank your store better in search engines. Have seals that certify the security of your store, especially at checkout time.

  • Logistics

When defining the products that will be offered on Black Friday, it is important that you make a sales projection and negotiate with suppliers to meet the demand. The second challenge is delivering the order to the end customer. Hiring quality services can be a good alternative to reduce delivery time and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Service

To deliver the best shopping experience to the customer, you must be prepared to serve them in every way possible. That's why your customer service needs to be agile and transparent.

So for you who are starting your store now, start creating a "community within your ecosystem", for example, if you start working with a marketing strategy 90 days before Black Friday, on every purchase that happens within your e-commerce you can send a discount coupon for the day of Black Friday, and thus increase your expectations with the conversion rate.

We at Onegate hope to help you with these infallible tips and if you want a unique and exclusive service, contact us for more information.


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