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5 Tips to Create a Successful E-commerce

Setting up an online store is nothing different from setting up a physical store, but there are some things that cannot be omitted when setting up our online store.

With the rise of e-commerce, we have more and more people wanting to join the online store model, and that's why we've separated 5 foolproof tips to help you organize your thoughts better:

1. Planning

This step is the one that starts your business plan. It's impossible to consider creating a webshop (or anything) without defining these features first. Defining the products and services it will offer, evaluating and analyzing its initial suppliers, assembling a Canvas on cardboard to better visualize the project's feasibility and, finally, tables and more tables in Excell (or Google Spreadsheet) to do what we call "Put to the tip of your pencil" are some of the executions you MUST perform in this step to build a healthy new business.

2. Store Platform + ERP for Inventory Management

To reach this stage, it is very important that you have already chosen your Site Domain and Social Network entries, even before any logo creation or visual identity items.

The domain will be your e-commerce address for ALWAYS, such as:, and you can test your creativity with valid names on RegistroBR's website, and buy for R$ 40.00 per year.

Your next step, as planned, is to select the e-commerce platform that best suits your business and your internship.

With the growth of e-commerce, many developers have created sales platforms that are ready for the entrepreneur to configure and register their products. That's why it's so important to have an ERP that stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, or integrated management system. This technology helps the company manager to improve internal processes and integrate activities from different sectors, such as sales, finance, inventory, among others. Also, this platform has integration with several other platforms, including your website, which is very important.

3. Choice of Payment Gateway + Shipping Options

Again, following all your planning and after choosing your platform, it is very important to evaluate the payment methods with valid integrations with the platform, as well as the best shipping options that also have complete integrations with the platform.

This information is usually left aside, or chosen last, but the importance of knowing this step is due to the fact that these 2 factors described here directly affect your net sales, due to transaction fees and freight dynamics chosen by you and offered to your buying public, and we have already warned you that there is no way to escape!

If you want to be in the online world, you need to be prepared for these dynamics, as only then will you have the SAFETY that your sales will be carried out with ease and transparency.

4. Adjustments to your Accounting

Yes! We put this topic exactly because of the controversy in which our country is currently living, with many "ghost" companies or product purchase scams that never arrive.

At the beginning of this same text, we inform you that there is nothing different between physical and digital businesses, only the channel is changed, and for those of you who want to build something solid and lasting, it is important to have all the fiscal issues up to date.

That's why it's very important that you consider hiring, or helping, an accounting specialist in your overall planning.

This step is not mandatory to start a new business, but it is extremely important that this is already planned in advance, as it is essential that you comply with national taxation for the perpetuation of your project.

5. Plan, Do, Review

This is a technique we use very often in everything we do for our clients, and that's why we're bringing it to you.

Not only for setting up your E-commerce, but for everything you do IN LIFE, try to use this technique.

Translated literally, it has the following meaning: Plan, Do, Revise.

In other words, after carrying out the planning and execution of your tasks (mandatory and optional), you need to check if everything is going as expected. Evaluate all the points, identify the points where you need to make some adjustments, put together new plans (if necessary), and keep running!

This strategy is what makes your business grow consistently and constantly, and it is the technique used by the most successful names in the history of national entrepreneurship, for example: Caio Carneiro, Pablo Marçal, Thiago Reis, Paulo Wizard, Cris Arcangeli, Joel Jota , Thiago Nigro, and many others.

If you want to build a new business and don't know where to start, or even if you already have a business and want to increase your income and you don't know how, send us a message!

We will be happy to talk, get to know your business and certainly add a lot of knowledge and execution to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

We are the Onegate marketing consultancy, and we are your path to the digital world!


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