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"Include" - The book that touched my heart

Today I come to tell you about a particular experience that I started approximately 4 months ago, I signed up for a reading platform that would enable my personal development in the famous “corporate world”. Why be interested

I read some books, on different subjects, from finance to personal development in agendas, controls, skills, among many other very interesting subjects. All very good, carefully selected with enormous collaborative potential for our development.

But the subject of this last month of June 2021 completely touched my heart... "Include", Stefanie K. Johnson, was the chosen book.

Initially, the book is about inclusion, diversity, and apparently a hot topic of the LGBTQIA+ moment. I brought some concepts, researches, interviews and a lot of supporting items to show us the obvious (which is not always so obvious): we live constantly and daily with dictatorial structures of behavior, in search of acceptance.

Of course, these structures are socially placed as invisible "rules" within us and that involve us in such a complex way that we don't even realize how it entered and remained within us, and we don't realize that the reproduction of this on the day on a daily basis, in the relationships we live in and especially in the workplace, we often aggravate, even more, the delicate situations of people who are afraid to express who they really are in their essence, under penalty of painful and systemic judgments.

In other words, the real exposure of oneself causes fear of exclusion from the system in which it is inserted, when the person chooses to alter/change to “fit” in the form and form that was “socially imposed”.

I could see that in many moments of our life, we accept and reproduce behaviors, automatically, without realizing that they were culturally inserted in us since our birth, and that such actions are so intrinsic to ourselves that we do not imagine possible damage that we cause to other people simply because we act as we act.

So how to think differently? How to act differently? How to feel different, to change our culture to the point where everyone fits into the system? How to expose myself fully, without mutilating myself to fit?

At that time, I could also see that in order to find the answers to the above-mentioned questions, the first movement is knowledge.

Being clear about who I am, what surrounds me, knowing my behaviors and values, knowing my strengths, this allows:

1- We recognize and point out where the gaps are;

2- If I recognize it, I have the possibility of changing the action;

3- The more I change, the more I replicate it around me;

4- The more times I do it, the better I get;

5- Thus, I am allowing more and more inclusive and healthy relationships around me.

6- The more this happens, the more I have peace of mind and security to express who I am and how I am, without necessarily being different from myself to become “socially accepted”.

It sounds so simple and obvious, but many people have this difficulty in life! They are not integral to their spheres of relationships (work, friends, family).

To express ourselves fully, we first need to know who we are and where we want to go, how I want to express myself, and what I want to live in my future. Only then will we know which path to choose.

Take a step towards your knowledge. Discover your talents. Count on us!


Camila Scarafiz

Talent Identification


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